Mastering Flies Infestation: Essential Tips For F&B Pest Control In Singapore
Mastering Flies Infestation: Essential Tips For F&B Pest Control In Singapore
15 May 2023

Dealing with flies can be a frustrating and challenging task, particularly for businesses in Singapore's food industry. Flies are a common problem that can pose significant financial and health risks if not adequately managed. There are various species of flies, including house flies, fruit flies, and drain flies, and each requires different methods of control. In this article, we will discuss some of the most crucial things to know when dealing with flies and whether pest myths about getting rid of flies are true. PestWerkz lists the important fly management blog trending topics in this article.


Can Reflective Discs Really Get Rid Of Flies?

Have you seen water bags or pieces of reflective discs hanging from some restaurants' ceilings or upper floors? These methods are designed to confuse flies' compound eyes, making them lose their sense of direction and fly away from food sources. Although these techniques are harmless and non-toxic, they only serve to move flies to other areas with food sources, which can lead to further infestations. Additionally, they may not work in cases of heavy fly infestations where flies are in dire need of food.


What Information About Fruit Flies Is Essential?

Despite their name, fruit flies do not only feed on fruits; they also eat other decaying organic matter found in drains, sewers, and other unsanitary areas. They are attracted to areas where food is prepared and served, such as kitchens, where they can feed on food residue left on surfaces, utensils, and other items. Fruit flies have a keen sense of smell and can detect food and odours from far away. Therefore, they can easily find their way to your food, especially if it is not correctly covered.

In addition to being attracted to food, fruit flies are also attracted to moisture. This means that areas with standing water or dampness, such as sinks, mop buckets, and leaky pipes, can also be breeding grounds for fruit flies.


Interesting Information About House Flies.

What else do we understand about house flies besides their voracious appetites? House flies, like fruit flies, also have a keen sense of smell and can detect food and other odours from several kilometres away. They excrete waste through a process called "regurgitation defecation," which can contaminate food and beverages, leading to various illnesses. Flies can live up to 60 days and lay a significant number of eggs in as little as 24 hours, making it crucial to have consistent and ongoing pest control measures in place. However, the good news is that flies are primarily daytime pests, making pest detection simple.


How Do Flies Work?

Flies consume liquid food and use their vomit to turn solid food into liquid, which they can then suck up using their straw-like proboscis. It is interesting to note that flies have compound eyes that allow them to see in almost every direction simultaneously and they can process up to 250 images per second, which is significantly more than the human brain's processing capacity. They can react quickly to danger or avoid predators by moving swiftly, making it challenging to catch or drive them away. Another important fact to know about house flies is that they are capable of flying at speeds of up to five miles per hour and can fly up to 20 miles per day. Therefore, their presence can quickly spread to neighbouring areas, making it even more crucial to implement effective pest control measures. Installing efficient flytraps is a more effective method of controlling the fly population, as it entices and captures them all together.


How Can A Fly Infestation Be Controlled In Singapore?

The best way to control fly infestations in Singapore is to engage a professional pest control company to provide routine services, such as residual sprays and flytrap servicing. To effectively manage fly infestations, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge about controlling a fly infestation such as:

  • Maintaining a clean environment.

  • Covering all food ingredients in tightly sealed jars and containers.

  • Regularly disposing of trash and waste.

  • Regularly checking for fly infestations and keeping tabs on fly population trends.

  • Eliminating fly larvae and breeding grounds that produce adult flies.

  • Having an effective pest control strategy in place to reduce the fly population.

  • Avoid using DIY pest remedies because they only have a temporary effect. Instead, install a Cross Fly Catcher or ULV Flies Catcher which are more effective.


Why Is Pest Control Crucial For The F&B Industry?

First and foremost, it ensures the safety of the food and products for users and consumers. Flies are known to spread illnesses such as salmonellosis, dysentery, and gastroenteritis, which can cause symptoms like vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea, and stomach cramps. The presence of flies in a food establishment can contaminate food and surfaces, posing a serious risk to public health.

Furthermore, all commercial premises in Singapore must adhere to regulations set by the National Environment Agency (NEA), which include having zero tolerance for pest presence. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe consequences for businesses. When food contamination or fly presence is reported in the media, businesses can suffer financial loss and a damaged reputation, potentially leading to business suspension or closure.

In addition to these practical considerations, pest control also plays an important role in maintaining the overall cleanliness and hygiene of a food establishment. By keeping pests under control, F&B businesses can maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their customers and employees, while also preventing damage to their property and equipment.

In short, pest control is a critical aspect of running a successful and safe F&B business, and neglecting it can have serious consequences for both public health and business operations.



These pieces of information can all help prevent pests from becoming a problem in your F&B business and ensure the expansion of your reputable enterprise, whether you use them to implement a regular pest control management programme or if you hire professional F&B pest control services.

For your commercial F&B outlet, PestWerkz is an NEA-licensed pest control company in Singapore that offers a variety of cost-effective pest control management services and packages to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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