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Disinfectant Tablets

$ 60.00

Obtained the first Singapore Green Label as a biodegradable product

A multi-purpose disinfectant designed to eliminate bacterias (e.g pathogens & effective against HFMD, H1N1 & human coronaviruses)

Easy to use


How to use VeltoxTab Disinfectant
3 simple steps
1. Remove the sealed pack
2. Dissolve VeltoxTab (one tablet) into water (can mix up to 2 liters of water)
3. VeltoxTab dissolve in 2 to 3 mins for direct usage.
** Local lab tested and proven:-
1. Biodegradable product
2. Effectively kill germs & bacterial up to 99.999%
3. Singapore Green Label certified
** Overseas lab tested and proven:-
1. Non toxic to human cells
2. Kill human coronavirus 99.9999% in 5 mins.
*** Non toxic, Non chlorine, Non corrosive.
*** Neutral pH - safe for children and sensitive skin.

Pack Size - 30 pieces per box


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Disinfectant Tablets